Tuire Hämäläinen

About me

I started working with glass art when I established Baltasar in 1981. With the new company, I designed glass works for public buildings and private homes, both in Finland and abroad. I experimented with many different methods in their design and production. Over the years, Baltasar also became well-known for its world-class glass tables and lamps.

However, balancing my passion for design and artistic work with business management was often difficult and finally led me to a life-style change in 2015. By a lucky coincidence, I had an opportunity to return to my artistic roots in the famous art and design village Fiskars.

My studio and workshop Ateljee Tuire Hämäläinen is located at the very heart of Fiskars, right by the rapids of the small river running through the village. In the studio, I have an exhibition of my paintings, collage art and stained glass.

The exhibition is open between 15th June and 15th August from Tuesdays to Sundays at 12:00–16:00, as well as during major events in Fiskars village. I can open the studio also on separate requests.

Welcome to my Studio and Workshop!

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